Matthew’s music is inspired by life on Earth, carefully crafted from composition, to arrangement, to studio production, to performance. It engages a wide variety of world instrumentation.

With his added passion for field recording, he often embarks on expeditions ranging from the arctic to the tropics, capturing the sounds of migrating birds and birds of prey, calving glaciers and rolling icebergs, chirping picas and snorting caribou, dolphins, whales and deep-sea volcanoes—all of which are woven into his music.

His first international release, "Bleeding Wolves," helped bring an end to the Yukon government’s wolf-kill program, and became a multi-platinum legend in Southeast Asia, where his music remains popular today. He has also received honours never before bestowed upon a foreigner in the region: He was the first foreigner to perform at the Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan and mainland China’s most prominent music awards), and was then the first to be nominated and to win the coveted award. He has since garnered six more nominations. Matthew’s contributions to television and radio have earned him a Golden Bell Award (Taiwan’s Emmy equivalent) and four nominations.

In recognition of his effort to promote indigenous and traditional music, he was appointed “Ambassador to Aboriginal Culture" and “Honourary Citizen” by several regional governments as well as “Cultural Ambassador” by the Taiwan government. In 2011, Esquire magazine’s China edition named him “Man of the Year” for his environmental accomplishments.

Back home in Canada, he’s been awarded “Best Yukon Artist” and has received two more nominations at the Western Canadian Music Awards. He was awarded the Parliamentary Certificate of Honour by the Canadian government, and the Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development appointed him “Special Envoy to Taiwan.”

Matthew’s thirteen solo albums, an album with the Yukon’s Wildlands ensemble, two live concert DVDs (including one with the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan), and numerous soundtracks, commissioned works and documentaries all retain an emphasis on culture and the environment. In addition to his studio productions, his renowned live performances have sold out some of the most prestigious venues with his message of environmental and cultural appreciation.

At the heart of Matthew's music is a commitment to improving the world around us—a chord which resonates with an ever-growing audience, and, he hopes, with you reading this now.