Epic Session


Recording an epic song is always a challenge, but typically the greatest challenge is in the music arrangement and mixing. This work at hand has all of the music arranging you’d expect of an epic music creation, but also features a vast cast of singers all performing individual lines and then coming together in a glorious final chorus with yet more singers joining in.

The music and vocals are now in excess of 100 tracks (most of which are singers and still growing)!

An added challenge is in the purpose of the song, to celebrate the path toward spiritual awakening. This subject brings with it a directive that every note be played, and every line be sung, with an absolutely open loving heart. In a music industry where skillful contrivity is the name of the game, this directive may seem silly to some. But when such a policy is adhered to from inception to mixing and mastering, those layers and layers of music lovingly presented have a profound impact on the result.

The purpose and delivery date of this music remain shrouded in some secrecy, but I thought I’d share this wonderful project with you as the inspiration builds (and the track count grows ever higher).

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