Asian Cover

Asian Cover

Copyright and Produced
by Matthew Lien and Whispering Willows Records Inc. 2001

In So Many Words brings together Matthew’s experience as a musician and producer with his experiences in life, to create this most personal, autobiographical offering. A departure from his previous instrumental work, In So Many Words features Matthew’s rich vocals throughout.

Matthew fuses his own style of world music with pop, classical, rock and folk influences, endearing his music to a wide range of listeners. You will be moved by the impassioned performances of Mike Keneally, Fred Benedetti, John Rekevics, Cliff Almond, Richard Tibbetts, Kevin Hennessey, Dennis Caplinger and many others on this recording. This stellar cast of performers has been with Matthew since his first recordings in the mid-80s, giving In So Many Words a truly intimate character.

At the heart of the detailed musical web Matthew weaves are his lyrics, reaching deep into the triumph, failure, love and despair that have made him who he is today. In So Many Words endeavours to bring people closer the man behind the music, while resonating with the personal experiences of many.

Matthew Lien’s In So Many Words is available everywhere through Whispering Willows Records, in Canada through Festival Distribution, and in southeast Asia from Wind Records.


“Ah… the Year of the Snake. ‘Beware, your own year,’ I’ve been told. Well… you can believe it.”

In prior albums, my aim has been to inspire others about issues that I feel are important to the well-being of the world. In So Many Words was different for me. It was to be an exploration deep into myself. It was an album for me – like therapy (smiling).

I knew it would be painful to dig that deep, and it certainly was. The challenges I faced – many of them inexplicable—brought to the overall album a tremendous focus; there was simply no room in my heart and mind for anything but keeping this personal project on track.

Much of this album is an expression of the current state of humanity in the world. I am often deeply troubled and concerned about the lack of compassion we, as a people, have for the earth, for the animals, and for one another. The hatred, even the casual hatred we direct at others through our actions and through the actions of governments whom we appoint to act on our behalf, can have such a destructive and hurtful impact.

And while these issues burn within me and within some of this music, it is balanced with the feelings of a little boy, the boy within me. This child is such an important part of me, his feelings for the world, his hopes, his fears. It is the child that brings a gentle balance to the album. (And, yes, those are my childhood pics in the artwork. Please don’t ask, “What happened? He was so cute …”)

I have achieved what I set out to do, and I hope this work will convey the passion and introspection of its inception. Thank you for being here, reading this, and thanks to those of you who have encouraged me, either by supporting my music, or writing to me, or simply being a friend in any manifestation.

And now, on to the Year of the Horse…