Matthew with musicians in Mongolia

Matthew joins Mongolian horse head fiddle master Chi Bulag for CCTV documentary

Matthew with musicians in Mongolia

Matthew with new friends including Chi Bulag (right) on the Mongolia grasslands.

Aug 5, 2017 – Matthew traveled to Inner Mongolia to meet and collaborate with the renowned “morin huur” (horse-headed fiddle) master, Chi Bulag.

The collaboration was the topic of a documentary produced by CCTV, China’s largest TV network.
The two were filmed sharing music and traveling together the grasslands to meet other established musicians, including some of the best polyphonic throat singers in the region. Matthew experienced traditional lifestyles such as living in yurts and traveling by horseback, and eating traditional foods such as fresh goat meat and camel cheese.
The project has left a profound imprint on Matthew’s musical direction, and he’s now developing plans for a return to Chi Bulag and the grasslands for a music album project.
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