Matthew Lien accepted to present at AES in Paris, France

Matthew Lien has been accepted to present at the 140th International AES Convention in Paris. This will be Europe’s largest gathering of audio professionals from around the world, featuring leading industry luminaries presenting cutting edge research and approaches to audio engineering.

This year’s AES focuses on immersive audio, and Matthew’s presentation centres on his ground-breaking use of binaural (3D audio) technology, specifically his work capturing directional binaural impulse responses (3D acoustic reverberance) and applying those to matched direction binaural recordings, resulting in a more diverse and spatial binaural soundfield.

“This is one of the highest honours I could hope for,” said Lien. “All presenters at AES are at the top of their field, so this is not only recognition of the value of my work, it’s also an opportunity to explore ways to further develop this technology and create a truly new recorded art.”

For more information about the AES convention, visit the website at AES 140th Convention.

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